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The charts below is a review of the Game (Marvel vs Mortal Kombat for PC) it looks into the game in terms of ease of use, ease to install, and also shows our editor's rating and the average user rating.


Average user rating:
Easy to use:
Easy to install:
Our rating :
Requirement: Windows 98 / Me / NT / 2000 / XP


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Streetfighter vs Mortal Kombat video click here

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24 characters from 6 different game worlds

compete in single or duel combat

Mugen / Marvel / DC / Dragonball Z / Mortal Kombat / Streetfighter

Gameplay 4/5 Playing it once through is not enough, you will be back for more

Graphics 3/5 Mid due to spirit levels of the characters, characters have been scaled to arcade sizing

Difficulty 5/5 Completing the game on hard is no easy task, can you pull it off?

Characters 4/5 24 characters 6 teams, each team arranged easiest characters - hardest with added bonus levels

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